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A womands hands and feet

Wellness Massage


Our wellness massages are completely personalised experiences with you and your body in mind. Discover our method which tailors pressure, techniques, oils and applications to achieve results every time.


Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes | £70

80 minutes | £95

This method applies deep tissue & breath work techniques to target muscle tension, improve flexibility, alignment and overall wellness. Its application prior to and after exercise may also enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.

​Our pre-treatment consultation allows massage to be tailored to treat your personal complaints and requirements.

Akwaterra Massage

60 minutes | £75

80 minutes | £100

One of our signature award-winning massages, Steph co-created the UK protocol for the Akwaterra massage. Four matching pairs of ergonomically designed sandstone pods are taking the art of massage to a whole new level. The heated pods are used to massage the body for a profound and sensory massage.


Highly recommended to improve overall body and mind well-being. Perfect for those who enjoy heat therapy massages.

Lymphatic Drainage & Body Contour Massage

60 minutes | £75

80 minutes | £100

Manual Lymphatic drainage known as MLD is a scientifically proven technique. The method incorporates lighter pressure and drainage to stimulate the lymphatic network combined with firm application around the gastric area. Through maintaining rhythmic movements and specific compressions the bodywork will define body contours. The outcome is to stimulate the lymph glands, guiding the lymph flow back to the blood circulation. Helping to flush out water and excess toxins, improving general well-being.


Highly recommended for those who wish to treat and reduce water retention, hormonal imbalances, bloating, digestive issues and gain improved body confidence and energy.


Post Surgery Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

60 minutes | £75

Course of 6 | £420 

Course of 10 | £680 

Specialist massage to aid the recovery, healing and final result of cosmetic surgery. The massage enables a enhanced recovery and contour post surgery as after any procedure the patient will experience severe swelling and bruising. 


The massage will speed up the healing process, reducing swelling and bruising by reducing inflammatory response in the body and decreasing the risk of infection through improving immune response by aiding the lymphatic system. 

Also the massage will reduce the formation of scar tissue and fibrotic nodes by improving texture and tone. In addition to decreasing pain and sensitivity so you can feel at your best sooner. 

Throughout treatment you are supported by an experienced practitioner with compression advise. Complication management of seroma, fibrosis and scar revision.  

Suitable for liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast augmentation and multiple procedure's (breast work, tummy tuck, liposuction)

Number of sessions: Usually Liposuction 10-15. Other types of surgery 6-10.

Please note: Best results treatment to start within 3 days of procedure. 

Pre & Post Natal Massage

60 minutes | £70

80 minutes | £95

Specialist massage to support expectant or new mothers through these changes with the application of restorative massage. A key focus is to treat areas of need, improving posture and body functioning. Pre and post-natal massage therapy is beneficial for those looking to reducing stress, anxiety, aid recovery, maintain flexibility, good posture and improve overall health & wellbeing.


Please note Pregnancy Massage is suitable from your second trimester (12 weeks).

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